Formara brings in mailing machine

By Darryl Danielli, Wednesday 17 November 2004

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Formara has installed a KAS Mailmaster 465 mailing and inserting line as part of a drive into fulfilment and to handle a big contract win.


The deal, started in the summer, comprises financial mailings with run lengths of up to 20,000 within a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround.


"It was the catalyst that made us look seriously at the mailing and inserting machines on the market," said managing director Freddie Kienzler. "Before it would have been impossible to turn around these big mailings manually."


The sub 50,000 465, capable of a maximum speed of 4,000cph, can handle envelopes from DL through to C5. Formara specified its mailer with three insert stations and a sheet feeder folder as it sought to handle two main types of job.


"The first is an A4 letter folded to A5 and inserted into a C5 envelope and the second has a C4 outer envelope, a 28pp booklet, a letter and reply paid envelope," said Kienzler. If a fourth insert is needed it can be hand-fed.


Prior to the installation of the 465, the Southend-based firm used its staff and casual workers to stuff envelopes. "The machine represented a huge productivity gain for us over that," said Kienzler. He has no doubts that the 465 will save the firm money.


The litho and digital print firm's customers are mainly London-based, thanks to its "marketing tool" website,, and also the 1,200 ads it placed on London buses.


"If you're sitting in London looking for a printer you don't want to go to Southend," explained Kienzler. "But once you get over the basic hurdle of location and people have contacted you, it doesn't matter where you're based provided you can meet deadlines and give a good service."


If everything goes to plan then the 3.8m turnover firm will look to install a second machine in the future.


Story by Darryl Danielli

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