Fuji's violet Luxels get free warranty

Thursday 07 November 2002

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Fuji is so convinced of the reliability of its violet platesetters that it is offering up to three years of free servicing on new machines.


Over that period, the firm reckons it means savings of 36,000 for a B2 machine or 54,000 for a B1.

We havent gone into this as a sales whim, said product manager Steve Cookman. We looked at the cost of support for our green photopolymer platesetters and we feel Fuji can put its money where its mouth is.

Cookman admitted that in the past other suppliers had included servicing costs in deals with finance and consumables, but claimed Fujis deal was different because the service was actually free and not included in other costs.

The deal, which is valid on all new systems sold until the end of March, does stipulate that customers must use Fuji plates and install the platesetter in a temperature- and humidity-controlled room.

But for that customers get an on-site parts and labour warranty that also covers the front-end and plate processor as well as the platesetter itself.

The firm believes the deal underlines the benefits of its violet photopolymer systems low capital investment, low cost of ownership and reliability.

How reliable? asked Cookman. So reliable well give you three years free warranty.

Fuji has timed the offer to capitalise on its lead in the violet photopolymer market. At the moment it is the only supplier shipping a plate, although Mitsubishi has a plate on the way and Agfa is looking at developing a violet version of its photopolymer N91 plate.

Story by Barney Cox

Pictured: Fuji platesetters - "reliable"

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