Killer app: Gavin Martin delivers Instant hit for Ballymore

By Rhys Handley, Monday 09 October 2017

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The Embassy Gardens estate in Vauxhall, holds pride of place in developer Ballymore’s portfolio. With flats starting at £650,000, this luxury development is in the Nine Elms Regeneration Area, which will host the new US Embassy, and boasts London’s first ‘sky pool’ as well as a gym and dance studio.


What did you produce?

In order to show off the Estate in all its glory, Ballymore called on Gavin Martin Colournet to produce a suitably high-end book, Instant, incorporating images from the Instagram accounts of Embassy Gardens residents, in a run of 2,000 copies to promote the estate.

What did the job entail?

Based in Hackney Wick, east London, the 18-strong Gavin Martin team used a five-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 to produce the book. Managing director Mark Cameron said a Pantone 109U yellow was used across the whole product, edge-printed on to every page for a consistent look. Uncoated Olin Smooth Absolute White was used so that users of the product could experience “that authentic touch of paper”, rather than the finished feel of a coated grade. The XL 105’s extended delivery ensured the printed pages had more time to dry as they came off the press.

What challenges were overcome?

Due to the high profile of the customer, Cameron said the company was anxious “to give it our all and make the product the best we could”. One obstacle they overcame was the low quality of some of the images provided. The low-resolution of Instagram images could have spoiled the premium characteristics of the book. The team ensured every image was optimised in Photoshop before they could be incorporated into the pages.

What was the feedback?

The finished product has been celebrated at this year’s Antalis Review awards, where it topped more than 500 entries for the Best in Print gong. Martin Jacques, founder of Jaques Vanzo designers, who worked with Ballymore on the product, said: “The design, production and printing of this book is a direct response the challenges Ballymore set. It echoes Ballymore’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity - whether it is in the marketing materials they produce or the spaces and places they create.”

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