Killer app: Three-piece outfit rocks out planetary mag cover

By Max Goldbart, Monday 05 June 2017

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Bauer Media has launched a new classic rock magazine, Planet Rock, and for its inaugural May issue it was looking to kick off with something a little bit special, calling on not one, not two but three companies to aid with the job: Wyndeham Roche, Colour Five and Celloglas. The result was somewhat spectacular.


What did the job entail?

The 125,000- run of the 132-page glossy first issue featured an embossed mirrored Motörhead cover celebrating the 40th anniversary of the band’s eponymous debut album.

How was it produced?

Text pages were printed at Wyndeham Roche’s Cornwall site. Celloglas provided the Mirri board with sliver laminate for the cover, which was shipped to Colour Five in Perivale, London, who printed the cover using a five-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 UV press with white opaque option.

Celloglas sales director Steve Middleton said the instant drying nature of Colour Five’s UV press speeded up the process. Once printed, the covers were embossed at Celloglas’ Leicester site, using a B1 SBL foil-blocking machine for multi-level embossing, before being cut and sent back to Roche where they were bound with the text pages.

What challenges were overcome? 

Middleton said that the potential complexities of the job emerged in the early stages, when he was liaising with the art director. 

He said: “It took us a while to get it where the art director needed it to be, we considered lots of different ideas, but I was the person putting it all together and it was finished on time.” 

What was the feedback?

The three will combine again for the second issue of the magazine and the Planet Rock editorial team were especially impressed with the cover. 

Editor-in-chief Phil Alexander said: “They have done a fine job. The idea was always to create something that tapped into the tactile nature of print. We wanted a cover that would look radically different on the newsstand, hence it is mirrored and embossed. Equally, it does not have a traditional cover image featuring a band. Instead, it taps into the passion that people feel for artists via their logos.”

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