Nestlé commissions the Ultimate personalisation job

By Max Goldbart, Monday 24 April 2017

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Personalised packaging is all the rage at the moment, with Unilever, Coca-Cola and a multitude of others embracing the trend over the past couple of years. The latest to get involved, Nestlé’s KitKat, wanted to create something to trump the rest, and opted for Grimsby-based Ultimate Packaging to pull off the job.


What was the project?

Using a hefty Nestlé marketing budget, KitKat’s campaign to send 56,000 unique personalised packs as part of a prize promotion went live on 1 February, with more packs available for those willing to pay a fee. 300-staff Ultimate, whose digital department is carrying out the operation, was approached around 18 months ago with the idea, having previously been a Nestlé supplier.

What did it entail?

Personalised images and messages are loaded onto the KitKat website and processed by Ultimate’s bespoke web-to-print system, Smartflow. They are initially printed using a four-colour and white process on either Ultimate’s HP Indigo 20000 or WS6600 digital press. The release lacquer and cold seal are also digitally printed to replicate KitKat’s film.

Around 7,000 wrappers, each complete with unique barcode and identification code, are printed each week and sent to Nestlé’s York hub for packing into a special gift box. They are then returned to Ultimate’s hub where the Smartflow system produces an address label, checks the images and they are then readied for delivery. 

What challenges were overcome?

Ultimate executive director Chris Tonge said that while he is incredibly satisfied with the personalised nature of the job, it has not been short of challenges. 

Digitally printing the lacquer and cold seal, the first time this has ever been done according to Tonge, involved a trial testing period, while setting up Smartflow to accommodate the job was tricky.

“The challenge was to produce the web-to-print system to work with Nestlé’s website and also adding the fulfilment,” he said.

What was the feedback?

KitKat brand manager Stephanie Scales said: “It was clear from the start that they were experts in digital print and Smartflow, and their in-house packing and distribution capability has helped Nestlé deliver probably the most complicated campaign we have created.”

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