Boss is caught in The Act printing provocative tome

By Max Goldbart, Monday 10 April 2017

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London-based Boss Print has taken on many innovative projects over the years, but it has rarely been faced with anything as boundary pushing as The Act, a retrospective from fine art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten.


When Fullerton-Batten approached managing director Fenton Smith, he saw it as the perfect project to debut Boss’ new Vivid Colour process. 

What did you produce?

The 104-page book includes 30 full-page photographs, some totally nude, and has a hard-bound cover. The project took nine months from start to finish, with the 300-run, 100pp book printed in the early part of this year.

What did it entail? 

The job was printed on a Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74 and finished on a Morgana 300 PUR binder, which allows for A3 landscape book blocking. The cover was made from Agenda Winner rubber material, while paper for the inside was GF Smith’s Colorplan, Heaven 42 and Cromatico. Cases were made internally and finished by hand. 

Boss debuted its trademarked Vivid Colour process, which offers photographic, continuous tone-like image quality based on an expanded colour gamut of CMYK plus violet, echoing the stochastic imaging it has used to produce much of its previous work.

“We’re certainly going to present this to people that would really understand it and benefit from it,” said Smith. 

What challenges did you overcome? 

Smith said challenges were nullified as the client had so much enthusiasm for the project.

He said: “There were a few trials and tribulations as the way we did it hadn’t necessarily been done before but once we’d got every-thing calibrated and set up and carried out a few tests, we can print a job like this just as easy as we can print any other job, it’s just a process.”

What was the feedback?

Fullerton-Batten had initially commissioned Boss to only print some photographic proofs but she was so impressed with Vivid Colour that she enlisted the team for the full job. 

“I thought they were absolutely fantastic. I love the material, it’s beautifully produced and the Vivid Colour was perfect for my images. I was completely and utterly happy,” she said.

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