MX puts London’s air pollution issue on the map

By Max Goldbart, Monday 20 March 2017

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Air quality is a huge talking point in London at the moment, with mayor Sadiq Khan looking to follow through with one of his key manifesto pledges to reduce pollution levels in one of the worst-affected cities in the western world.


On 24 January, London’s City Hall hosted an event for schoolchildren to publicise the issue. Graphic flooring for the event was produced by Derby-headquartered MX Display.  

What did you produce?

The flooring required for the event was a 10x15m map illustrating pollution levels in London. After MX’s dedicated installation team visited the site to scout it out, the design team came up with an initial design before a third-party company created the final artwork.

25-staff MX, which has a second outpost in London, has partner installation teams throughout the UK, and its business development manager Duncan Thompson said installation makes up 75% of its work.

What did the job entail?

The graphic flooring was split into five 10x3m sections, all printed on MX’s roll-to-roll EFI Vutek GS3250 with UltraDrop technology. 

The sections, which were made up of PhotoFloor specialist exhibition flooring material, would normally have been CAD cut using MX’s Zünd digital cutter, but due to the oval-shape of the room and the fact that there was a pole in the middle of the space, they had to be hand-cut on site. The team used special double-sided carpet tape to make sure City Hall’s flooring wasn’t damaged. 

What challenges were overcome?

Thompson highlighted the four- to five-day turnaround time as a challenge for what was a tricky job to carry out. He also pointed to the quality of image required. 

“There was a lot of help needed from our design team making sure the image was high resolution enough at that scale and that was a challenge in the timescale that we had, in terms of getting things signed off and getting the installation printed,” said Thompson. 

What was the feedback?

A spokeswoman for City Hall said she was delighted with the flooring. She said that everyone including the mayor was impressed with the map. 

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