Killer app: Wyndeham scores 10 for folded underwear job

By Max Goldbart, Monday 20 February 2017

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Luxury quarterly 10 Magazine was seeking innovation for its Victoria’s Secret issue, which hit the newsstands earlier this month. In stepped Cornwall-based Wyndeham Roche, with whom it had worked before, producing a magazine with quality folding and binding work rarely seen.


What did you produce?

The St Austell-based printer produced a run of the 430pp edition, each with multiple folds. The job was completed by the end of January and the magazine was on the newsstands by 1 February. 

What did it entail?

The text pages for the 300x230mm magazine were printed on one of Wyndeham’s Lithoman webs on 115gsm-UPM Finesse paper. The three gatefold and one reverse fold inserts were printed on its Manroland 710 using 130gsm-UPM Finesse. They were then folded on a Heidelberg StahlFolder T78 and inserted into the magazine, which was bound on a Muller Martini Corona C18 perfect binder.

What challenges were overcome?

Wyndeham operations director Stuart Gilgryst said the challenge came before the print job, in understanding the complexities of what the client required. Gilgryst worked with PrintWeek’s SME of the Year Award-winner PH Media, who designed the specification and produced final PDFs, while 10 Magazine supplied images and document design.

“I think more than anything from our point of view is the complexity in understanding what the customer needs, with pre-production meetings, talks, mock-ups of the finished products, so you can see how it works and be open to innovative views,” said Gilgryst. 

“The complexity of the actual bind is an opportunity to be achieved, but it’s the finished product and communication that is the challenge.”

What was the feedback?

10 Magazine editorial director Phoebe Briggs said her team demonstrated what they wanted to Wyndeham Roche by folding up a number of bits of paper. 

“We were aware that we were asking for something quite unique and difficult,” she said. 

“It fitted perfectly into the magazine, they’ve done it extremely neatly and it’s really crisp. We were blown away.” 

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