A+B’s Epic calendar really brings landscapes to life

By Max Goldbart, Monday 26 September 2016

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Cuffley, Hertfordshire-based Allan+Bertram is no stranger to making luxury calendars, it’s what it does best, but this year the £3m-turnover outfit teamed up with acclaimed Dorset-based photographer Guy Edwardes to produce two magical calendars for the B2B market: Epic 2017 and View 2017.


What did it entail?

Epic 2017 is made up of a selection of Edwardes’ global images and View 2017 uses his images of the UK, for which he is particularly well known. 

The initial run of Epic calendars was 3,000 and View was 23,000, with the UK-focused nature of View expected to lead it to sell better. Once they have neared selling out, Allan+Bertram takes orders for overprinting, providing a bespoke service to personalise the calendars for businesses. These are currently in the process of being produced. 

How was it produced?

The 1m-wide calendars were finalised at the end of last year and printing began at the beginning of 2016 on Allan+Bertram’s Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105. The paper used varies widely, with Epic using Inspira 300gsm for the cover and LumiSilk 200gsm for the text, and View using 250gsm Peregrina Majestic real gold for the cover and Queen of Arts Ivory 180gsm for the text.

They were both bound on a Rilecart WireBind and collated on a 16-station Setmaster collator.

Overprinting is carried out on the 60-staff outfit’s Fuji 52.

What challenges were overcome?

According to Allan+Bertram, selecting the images was not an easy task, especially considering the range of seasons required to have been captured in the photos.

Allan+Bertram managing director Stuart Bennett said: “The challenge was getting a good spread over the British Isles for the View calendar, and the other one was trying to get the right seasons, but we were very pleased with the final results.

“It was a case of going through Guy’s portfolio over the last couple of years and finding a good spread.”

What was the feedback?

Edwardes said: “A lot of printers like to go for really punchy calendars but on the Epic calendar they left the colours much more neutral, which I appreciate. I really like the paper quality and design, as well as the size.” 

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