Killer App: Creative approach makes for a very Good print job

By Max Goldbart, Monday 04 July 2016

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Creative printer John Good, which mainly supplies programmes and brochures to theatres, was commissioned around a year ago by design agency c-ll-ct-v-ly to print private equity bank Berenberg’s quarterly magazine Equities Highlights. It has since produced four issues, the most recent, issue number 13, focusing on sporting goods and brands.


What did the job entail?

For issue 13, John Good business development manager Jason Maclaren said it wanted to try using papers from two different companies, in this case Fedrigoni and GF Smith. The 46pp magazine had an eight-page pull-out with an envelope inside and a run
of 10,000. 

How was it produced?

Maclaren sat down early on with c-ll-ct-v-ly managing director Mark Leeds and discussed the ‘feel’ this issue should have. For the paper, they settled on Fedrigoni’s 120gsm Arcoprint extra white and for the cover, Maclaren asked GF Smith to emboss its 400gsm Heaven 42, matt-coated, in Colorplan Buckram.

It was printed on John Good’s Heidelberg 10-colour Speedmaster CD 102 over one shift, with Maclaren having to attend the entirety of the ‘press pass’.

The cover was printed in eight colours, with John Good using Photoshop to saturate the cyan, magenta, yellow and black and develop a quadtone. 

What challenges were overcome?

Maclaren only found out at the last minute that he would have to attend the whole press pass. 

He said: “We were tackling a potentially difficult job and having the time and energy to test it and make sure everything would go smoothly was difficult. In the end
I had to go to the press pass on behalf of the designer client. It happened at 2am and I didn’t leave the factory until about 4.30pm the next day.”

What was the feedback like?

Leeds said: “I’ve known Jason (Maclaren) for quite a long time, he used to work on special projects at the Guardian. I like working with people who find new ways of doing things or use slightly unusual materials to bring something like this to life. It’s about trying to respond creatively to the brief and make sure each one has a surprise.”

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