What do the next 12 months hold in store for print?

By PrintWeek Team , Monday 09 January 2017

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In a seasonal ritual that has become almost as traditional as a family feud or overcooked turkey, during the Christmas break PrintWeek published predictions for the year ahead from some of the industry’s finest.


Over the following pages we have reproduced the edited thoughts from this year’s crop of 21 wise men and women, although sadly, for reasons of space, we haven’t been able to include their favourite Christmas presents, wish lists or cracker gags.

However, you can find their answers to those three burning questions on
printweek.com and, if you’re interested, the consensus was a circa 1980s Raleigh racer, spending time with family and friends and, well, it turns out having a dark sense of humour is fairly common in print – who knew!

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Andy Barber

Managing director, iMail

New year predictions: Andy Barber, iMail

Judith Donovan

Chair, Strategic Mailing Partnership

New year predictions: Judith Donovan, SMP 

Peter Gunning

Chief executive, Grafenia

New year predictions: Peter Gunning, Grafenia

Ryan Hennessey

Head of marketing services, The AA

New year predictions: Ryan Hennessey, The AA 

Paul Hickmott

Managing director, Boyall Graphics & Print

New year predictions: Paul Hickmott, Boyall Graphics & Print

Charles Jarrold

Chief executive, BPIF

New year predictions: Charles Jarrold, the BPIF 

Parry Jones

Managing director of print, The Specialist Works

New year predictions: Parry Jones, The Specialist Works

Ian Kendall

Chief executive, Reflex Group

New year predictions: Ian Kendall, Reflex Group 

Tony Kenton

Brand and strategic director, It Has To Be Brilliant

New year predictions: Tony Kenton, It Has To Be Brilliant

Neil Lovell

Chief executive, The Printing Charity

New year predictions: Neil Lovell, The Printing Charity 

Craig Mather

Chief executive, Simply Cartons

New year predictions: Craig Mather, Simply Cartons

Janette McAllister

Managing director, McAllister Litho

New year predictions: Janette McAllister, McAllister Litho 

Tim Peppiatt

Group chief executive, Paperhat Group

New year predictions: Tim Peppiatt, Paperhat Group

Mike Phillips

Chief executive, The Delta Group

New year predictions: Mike Phillips, The Delta Group 

Aron Priest

Chief executive, Solopress

New year predictions: Aron Priest, Solopress

Jacky Sidebottom

Director, Glossop Cartons

New year predictions: Jacky Sidebottom, Glossop Cartons 

Mark Simpson

Chairman, Simpson Group

New year predictions: Mark Simpson, Simpson Group

Stuart Speechley

Managing director, KJS Print to Mail Services

New year predictions: Stuart Speechley, KJS Print to Mail Services

Marian Stefani

Chief executive, Independent Print Industries Association

New year predictions: Marian Stefani, IPIA

Ian Tonks

National officer for the graphical, paper, media and IT sectors, Unite

New year predictions: Ian Tonks, Unite

Nigel Toplis

Managing director, Kall Kwik UK

New year predictions: Nigel Toplis, Kall Kwik UK

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