I swear by my KAS Mailmaster Compact

Wednesday 01 April 2009

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A client asked us to look at the feasibility of taking on a printing and mailing job with a tight 24-hour schedule in terms of speed, security and cost effectiveness.


KAS Mailmaster Compact

It comprised the enveloping of a policy document, which range from one page to 20 different pages and two publications, into either C5 or C4 envelopes. These publications also vary depending upon the policy documents. We had two bigger but older mailing and inserting machines, which were not suitable enough for the project so we invested in the KAS Mailmaster Compact. It's a well-built, mid-range machine. Its top speed is 5,000 envelopes an hour and we normally run at 4,000-5,000 an hour depending on the documents. The Optical Mark Reader (OMR) reader matches the documents and provides extra security when we are mailing personal and confidential documents.

Ed Clarke, production manager, FastAnt Marketing Materials Management

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