Keep calm and carry on, again

By Darryl Danielli, Monday 19 June 2017

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Once again, an overly confident PM and disgruntled electorate have combined to give business confidence a kick in the nether regions, at the worst possible time – on the eve of the traditional summer slowdown.


PrintWeek editor Darryl Danielli

On the bright side, at least we’ve been here before; a year ago this week to be precise, when the EU referendum result had us either shaking our heads in disbelief or punching the air in jubilation.

Regardless of our personal response to the Brexit vote, though, we all shared a slight trepidation of what the short- to medium-term future might hold for the economy and, by association, the print industry.

And the same appears to be true now, certainly according to the Institute of Directors, which has reported that the hung parliament result has pushed business confidence though the floor.

It hardly comes as a surprise, though. Any period of uncertainty makes us nervous if we think it might impact consumer spending and, by association, marketing activity – the industry’s bread and butter.

But let’s look back and compare and contrast: this time last year we had a ‘surprising’ poll result (check); a PM resign (close, but not yet) and a nose-diving pound (almost, but not quite).

So, on a scale of one to Brexit, this month’s snap election result should barely register.

There may well be a short-term impact on client confidence, but we’ve been here before and we got over it then and we’ll get over it again.

Because it is what it is. Life, and business, go on – some people will still want to sell stuff and others will still want to buy stuff – and print will still be in the middle as the perfect way to introduce them to each other. 

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