2016 proves that anything is possible

By Darryl Danielli, Monday 12 December 2016

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What. A. Year.


Darryl Danielli, editor, PrintWeek

If you’d placed an accumulator in January on Polestar going spectacularly pop after securing its annual refinancing, the UK voting to leave the EU, the Prime Minister quitting, Boris Johnson becoming foreign secretary and a property tycoon/ media mogul/dead squirrel-sporting ‘maverick’ winning the race to the White House then, frankly, you should be sipping cocktails on the private island you’ve just bought rather than reading this.

Sadly, I suspect no-one predicted just how eventful 2016 would end up being – although, to be fair, Polestar collapsing was probably evens at best.

But considering the seismic event that impacted our industry in combination with the seismic events that had a much wider impact – it’s easy to forget just how much has happened.

Kevin Dunstall was censured by the insolvency service, a Communisis PA was jailed for a £250,000 company credit card spending spree, we had a new daily national newspaper, and then we didn’t, and, most shocking of all: it turns out banknotes aren’t suitable for vegans.

There was lots of good news too, but if we learned one thing from 2016 it’s that anything is possible.

So don’t forget to place a bet on Landa shipping its first production units, Barry Hibbert making a triumphant return to print, the Lib Dems winning a snap election next year and scrapping Brexit, and Nigel Farage being named the next Secretary-General of the United Nations – and when it comes to spending your spoils, remember who gave you the tip.

Have a great Christmas and a prosperous 2017!

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