Jarrold needs time to make his mark

By Darryl Danielli, Monday 26 January 2015

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Few would argue that Charles Jarrold has got big shoes to fill as the new head of the BPIF.


Darryl Danielli, editor, PrintWeek

Taking over from someone who has died in post is never easy, and when that person is as widely respected and liked as Kathy Woodward, then its only natural for people to draw comparisons between the two brooms.

Jarrold is clearly a very different character from Woodward, but he does share her passion for the industry and an awareness of its need to evolve – ticking two of the key boxes required for the role.

He also boasts a decent print pedigree, again, different but just as impressive.

Just as importantly he seems to be at pains to not want to bring any baggage to the role. Instead he wants to listen to the good, the bad and the ugly about the BPIF and, of course, the industry at large before he draws any conclusions or implements any changes.

Even then, as he says, he doesn’t see any radical changes afoot at the Fed, more a case of fine-tuning.

Regardless though, is it fair to draw comparisons between Woodward and Jarrold? Probably not.

Much of Woodward’s impact in the role was down to the fact that she was so different to her predecessors and was able to make her own mark on the Fed. So it’s reasonable that Jarrold is afforded the same courtesy.

After all he is genuinely excited about the organisation’s future and the roles he, his team and the members have in shaping it, so it only seems fair that we judge by results tomorrow, not by comparison today.

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