Welcome to the 2013 Environment report

Darryl Danielli
Friday, March 22, 2013

There's no doubt that, as much as some people would like you to think otherwise, the prime driver for greening up your business isn't always going to be the impact on our planet's health.

Implementing a strong environmental approach has to have business benefits beyond just pure marketing value - although if done right, as detailed in our 'Green message' feature, this too can have a measurable impact.

However, generally speaking, the biggest impact on your bottom line - either directly, in terms of reducing costs or increasing productivity, or indirectly, in terms of reducing your exposure to the possibility of penalties or fines for missing targets or worse - is likely to be driven by the production process.

Whether it's realising the true value (or otherwise) of your waste stream (p32) or implementing some of the lessons learned by other industries (p30), there are myriad opportunities to streamline your business. While it would be impossible to detail them all in one supplement, there's no doubt that our Environment report is a pretty good place to start.

See our Environment Report 2013 for an in depth report on the issue.


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