New year predictions: Kirk Galloway, Buxton Press

As managing director of PrintWeek’s reigning Company of the Year, it’s safe to say that Kirk Galloway has been pretty happy with his 2015 lot. And it sounds like he’s planning to carry that ‘feel-good factor’ into 2016.

What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

A day off!

What trend (business or technology) do you think 2015 will be remembered for?

A steady upward progression from a low base with the first beginnings of a  “feel good factor”

What do you think will represent the single biggest opportunity for printers in 2016 and why?

The digital tide turning as advertisers believe there’s a much better return via “ink on paper” resulting in increasing paginations and run lengths - great news for both printers and publishers

What do you think will represent the single biggest threat for printers in 2016 and why?

Price compression and companies chasing turnover, not profits. It’s damaging the industry and devalues print.

What’s the one thing that the industry should do more of, or do better, in 2016?

In the last decade, new technology throughout the industry has achieved more than it did in the last half century - and is still accelerating. We need to be proud of what we do. There are too many apologists for print - it’s a fantastic, tangible, exciting industry - and is more vibrant than ever.   

What was your biggest disappointment in 2015?

America losing the Ryder Cup

What was your highlight of 2015?

Buxton has had a cracking year and winning PrintWeek’s 2015 Company of the Year Award for an unprecedented third time was just the icing on the cake.

What are your hopes for 2016?

…winning PrintWeek’s 2016 Company of the Year Award!

What was the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Don’t get involved in print - I didn’t listen!

What was the most important thing that you learnt in 2015?

Listen to advice!

If you’re thinking of going to Drupa next year, what are you keen to see?

The best press with in-line inkjet personalisation

What’s your favourite Christmas cracker joke?

Q: What's green, covered in tinsel and goes ribbet, ribbet?
A: Mistle-toad!

Are you making any New Year's resolutions? If so, what?

Loads - and they’ll all be broken by 2 Jan. Perhaps my resolution should be not to make resolutions...


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