New year predictions: Jon Bailey, ProCo

Printweek team
Friday, December 26, 2014

ProCo managing director Jon Bailey shares his predictions for the year ahead and his seemingly hopeless dream of Middlesbrough FC clawing their way back into the Premiership.

ProCo managing director Jon Bailey
ProCo managing director Jon Bailey

What trend (business or technology) do you think 2014 will be remembered for?

The year that our customer’s adoption of marketing technology really started to accelerate.

What do you think will represent the single biggest opportunity for printers in 2015 and why?

As printers, change within our industry has been far reaching and hugely significant, and many exciting opportunities exist to shape our transformation into the print industry of the future within that.

When we also consider the unprecedented digital, social and technological revolution to which marketers have had to adapt, the opportunity and potential for printers to evolve their many skillsets alongside the changing needs of our customers represents the biggest opportunity in 2015. It’s an open playing field.

What do you think will represent the single biggest threat for printers in 2015 and why?

Wasting the opportunity to adapt and keep our products relevant.

What’s the one thing that the industry should do more of, or do better, in 2015?

Be proud of the products and services that we as an industry provide, embrace change and adapt in order to stay relevant.

What was your highlight of 2014?

ProCo’s partnership with Concept Communications, providing a platform for both businesses joint growth and sustainability. By combining our expertise, capabilities and technology, we are demonstrating how collaboration between likeminded, interesting partners can give businesses an innovative edge.

What are your hopes for 2015?

The mighty Boro in the premiership again!

What was the most important thing that you learnt in 2014?

That just because you lose the odd Grand Prix, if you take the learning on board and change accordingly you can still win the championship…

What if anything will you do differently in 2015?

I’ll be spending more time working with a wider group of people within the business to really get under the skin of what’s working or not for both our clients and the team.

What’s your favourite Christmas cracker joke?

My mate works in a shoe factory. Hates it. Says its sole destroying…

Are you making any New Year's resolutions? If so, what?

To make sure I enjoy the year rather than let it go by whilst making plans for the future.

Who will win the rugby world cup in 2015?



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