Happiness: the greatest gift that we possess

Darryl Danielli
Monday, February 18, 2019

Welcome to the people issue of PrintWeek. I won’t lie: much as I would like to pretend otherwise, this wasn’t some sort of masterplan, it just kind of happened.

But regardless of the reasons, whether it’s our feature on recruiting the best talent, the Business Inspection on Baker Label’s innovative approach to employee wellbeing or the Briefing on the business culture benefits of a strong focus on CSR – it seems that the majority of the content in this edition is about the importance of looking after your people.

In fact you would be hard pressed to find any business leader that wouldn’t tell you that his or her company’s biggest asset is its people.

And those that say it with conviction – and they’re in the vast majority, say it with good reason – because people are the engines that drive any business, and as any petrol-head will tell you, to get the best out of your engine you need to look after it.

It’s especially important in the modern print industry, where so much is expected from people.

Print workers today need to be multi-skilled, multi-talented, well multi-everything – because the clearly defined roles of the past have become increasing blurred as businesses become leaner and technology simpler.

And this multi-skilling is especially prevalent amongst small businesses, the industry’s lifeblood, who take multi-skilling to the nth degree and where anyone within arm’s reach of a phone or a computer, regardless of their day job, is likely expected to sell. 

After all, as per the catchphrase of Nev Wilshire, Swansea call centre CEO and star of BBC Three’s fly-on-the-wall documentary The Call Centre: “Happy people sell, miserable bastards don’t.”

So, clearly, it’s in your and your bottom line’s best interest to keep your people happy.


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