Aspirations and wishful thinking

Darryl Danielli
Monday, January 21, 2019

As is rapidly becoming a tradition, in this new year issue we feature the reflections on the year gone by and the hopes and dreams for the year ahead of some of print’s wise men and women.

And seeing as they very generously (perhaps even bravely) shared their thoughts, it only seemed fair that I did the same. So, for what it’s worth here are my predictions for 2019.

The need to automate as much of the print process as possible will accelerate as more and more businesses look at ways to streamline their processes and reduce touchpoints, and what was once the preserve of the big boys or the online pureplays will increasingly become the norm. And, as a result, where in the past technology has driven deskilling in the industry, automation will now start to increase the need for multi-skilled staff.

The drive to diversification will continue to move up the agenda for a lot of businesses, and not necessarily in purely print areas, but any area where print businesses can leverage their client relationships.

Consolidation, for good and bad reasons, will likely spike in 2019.

And, while any predictions around Brexit right now would be pure folly, the only thing I know for certain is that anyone hoping that Brexit will be over in a flash and we’ll soon be laughing about all the fuss will likely be very disappointed in 2019.

And in terms of wishful thinking for the year ahead, that’s easy: we stop just talking the talk about apprenticeships and start walking the walk.

Collaboration will increase.

There will be greater visibility and stability on input prices…

…and output prices will no longer be dictated by the lowest priced competitor.

And, finally, of course, that Brexit will be over in a flash and we’ll soon be laughing about all the fuss. 


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