Ronald Britton adds iridescence to Bioglitter range

Rhys Handley
Thursday, March 5, 2020

Ronald Britton has launched what it claims is the world’s first micro-plastic-free iridescent glitter as an expansion to its Bioglitter brand.

Bioglitter Pure Opal is available in three colours and five sizes
Bioglitter Pure Opal is available in three colours and five sizes

Bioglitter Pure Opal is available now. It comes in three colours – rose, mint and aqua – and five different sizes and follows the launch of the Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter Pure brands over the past two years.

It is produced so as to not contain any microplastics, which are defined as a particle less than 5mm in size containing either synthetic polymer, semi-synthetic polymer or modified natural polymer that does not biodegrade.

Stephen Cotton, director at Rochdale-based Ronald Britton, said: “This is another first from Ronald Britton. The new product is the only iridescent effect glitter available on the market which is microplastic free.

“Traditional iridescent glitter gains its look from the refractive properties of special plastic films and this is where we’ve faced a real challenge, the chemistry and physics simply don’t work with natural raw materials, so we have had to totally re-engineer the glitter to cut all the plastic out and still create refractive effects.”

Bioglitter products are made from a unique cellulose that has passed a variety of certifications based on biodegradation in natural, freshwater environments, and has picked up a number of industry awards since it was launched.

The product will decompose in the natural environment, unlike products based on modified natural polymers like PLA, cellulose acetate and other forms of cellulose, which need to go through a composting process to break down and therefore are a form of microplastic.

Several high-street retailers including Tesco, Primark, Monsoon and Selfridges as well as cosmetic brands have now moved to using Bioglitter-based products as part of a strategy to cut plastic waste in the environment.


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