Quark launches free DesignPad update

Quark has issued a free update to its DesignPad app, a grid-based design package for amateur and professional designers.

DesignPad, a free preview version of which was launched in August, allows designers to explore create the foundations of a professional layout on a mobile device and upload it to be developed further in QuarkXPress.

Designers can use the app on their touchscreen devices to customise designs for products such as posters, business cards, brochures and postcards on pre-defined layouts set out on a visible, removable grid (to aid the design process).

The free update includes a host of new features as well as a fixes for a number of software bugs and glitches.

New features include: an easy-to-navigate getting started guide; retina display support; save to photo library; post to Facebook; save as duplicate layout; rotate box and control box angle; drop shadow toggle and special shadow controller; line spacing on text; justified text controller; expose full font list.

Users will now also be able to change any box shape to: beveled rectangle, inset rectangle, rounded rectangle, polygon, star, oval, speech bubble, or thought bubble.

Additional shape controls include: change speech/thought bubble angle, change polygon/star orientation relative to content, change star inner radius, toggle corners on rounded rectangle.

Fixes include: a bug that prevented users from typing in text fields for layout sliders; interface glitches such as active disabling of non-relevant controls; auto-hide of guides on export, with the option to show if desired.

The update for Quark DesignPad app is free to download from the App Store. Users are encouraged to share their feedback on forums.quark.com, where the Quark DesignPad development team will consider all serious feature requests.

Gavin Drake, vice president of marketing at Quark, said: "More than 30,000 people downloaded Quark DesignPad in its first two weeks, topping the app charts in several countries.

"We’re eager to continue adding to and updating Quark DesignPad to make it the essential app for both aspiring and professional designers. Thank you to all the users and especially those who provided feedback to help shape this version."


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