Overmatter: stout stuff

Pouring a proper pint of Guinness can take a while, as the firm itself pointed out in its famous ‘good things come to those who wait’ adverts.

Well, now it could take a bit longer, at least for visitors to the Guinness Storehouse brand experience in Dublin.

The Storehouse has installed a Ripple Maker PM from Israeli firm Ripples, best known until now for printing onto the top of frothy coffees. 

The version in use at the Storehouse prints onto the top of pints using natural malt extract and was launched at the beginning of November on International Stout Day. 

A marketing genius at Guinness has come up with the name and hashtag #STOUTie to promote the resulting personalised or corporate-branded pint, which is yours for mere €6. 

“The iconic black and white stout provides the perfect canvas for a sepia toned selfie,” says the firm. The Ripple Maker PM is “designed especially for tall, frothy beers on tap or long-legged cocktail glasses,” and, it says here, “upgrades cocktail and beers into an interactive content marketing platform that makes waves for your business”.

This is EXACTLY the sort of task Overmatter would like to see on the next series of The Apprentice – ideally at Twickenham during the internationals.

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