Overmatter: Bossin' banter

Jo Francis
Monday, June 28, 2021

You don’t have to be Welsh to enjoy BBC3 programme Young, Welsh and… Bossin’ it, a documentary series that follows the experiences of a variety of young Welsh entrepreneurs as they come up with ways to earn a living through unconventional means.

And while print is not quite as 21st century as making money via OnlyFans, or TikTok, this venerable trade has turned into a nice little earner for Toni Leigh Hall and the female-led team at BanterCards. 

Readers of a sensitive disposition are advised to look away now, as the Banter Cards business is, as the name suggests, built on banter that is described as “funny and rude” but also firmly embraces the profane, the vulgar, and the head-shakingly “whaaat??”. 

To illustrate, one of the company’s bestsellers is a fabric face mask printed with a design described as “brown pubic hair”. Delightful. 

However, in an interview with WalesOnline, Leigh Hall says that “none of us swear at work”. 

There’s clearly a market for this stuff and BanterCards has more than 250,000 followers on social media. The range also includes personalised merch options that spans doormats, bunting, beach towels, puzzles, notepads and more, as well as the original cards.

In fact, so successful has BanterCards become, the TV show details how the firm had to bring printing in-house to meet demand. 

Why not take a look at their product range? Although caution is advised if you’re at work…

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