Overmatter: bags of style

Jo Francis
Monday, August 12, 2019

Overmatter has an expensive tea habit. It must be Yorkshire Gold or nothing.

However, while Taylors of Harrogate certainly provide the exquisite taste of a proper cuppa, the humble rectangular format is left for dust by the ultra-exquisite creations of Japan’s Ocean-Teabag. 

Are these the most beautiful tea bags in the world? We think they could well be. After starting out with marine creatures, the range has expanded to include mammals, insects and birds. 

The fish! The frogs! The pandas! The various cats!

Overmatter boggles at the thought of how these delicate mini-masterpieces are produced. It must cost an absolute fortune. 

Which, perhaps, explains the price tag of more than £14 for a packet of four. But what price art?!

Part of the appeal is seeing how the design behaves when boiling water is added in the cup. Alternatively, you could just frame them. 

And there’s good news for those thinking “these would make a perfect present for someone who normally drinks Yorkshire Gold…” – Ocean-Teabag added international shipping to its site a couple of months ago. 


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