KMMS becomes Indicia Worldwide

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Konica Minolta Marketing Services (KMMS) and Indicia are coming together under a new brand – Indicia Worldwide – pledging to create a new agency model and “new value” for clients through the combo.

Rogivue: "We want to be a partner to our clients, and it’s the same with our suppliers".
Rogivue: "We want to be a partner to our clients, and it’s the same with our suppliers".

KMMS acquired customer engagement agency Indicia in 2014 via then-KMMS subsidiary Charterhouse PM.

“Marketers’ jobs are consumed by managing chaos – suppliers, stakeholders, data and more. It’s frustrating, stressful, thankless,” the firm stated.

Global CEO Yves Rogivue said the agency aimed to “create new value” across the marketing value chain.

“Indicia Worldwide brings together the required skills and processes, underpinned by proprietary technology, to create a lower cost and faster activation of marketing across communication channels and a consistency in adaptation across the globe,” he stated.

“Whether we’re saving our clients money or increasing the return on their investment, Indicia Worldwide’s mission is to create new value across the entire remit of marketing.”

Indicia Worldwide’s EMEA business is headquartered in London and it also has hubs in Asia Pacific and North America. The group is active in more than 35 countries.

It has worldwide turnover of around £300m and employs 650 staff.

Rogivue told Printweek that the firm was not moving away from its print management roots, and said print was “a big part of the heritage of Indicia Worldwide”.

“We have a heritage of efficiency and print management, and we want to bring this together with the effectiveness side for intelligence-led marketing,” he said.

“Printing is always at my heart, and what we are actually trying to do is get much closer with our print suppliers with partnerships. We want to be a partner to our clients, and it’s the same with our suppliers.”

The announcement and rebrand was originally planned for early April, but was held off due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rogivue said that sales had dropped by around 20% as a result of the virus crisis, and that around 20% of employees were currently furloughed or on other types of short labour support schemes worldwide.

Global travel restrictions have also helped the firm cut costs, he said.

“On the continent in general things are opening up and we see business coming back, but it’s hard to predict in the UK. In the US business is picking up but is still very affected.

“There is a human impact to this situation but the economic impact is unbelievable. I hope things can pick up again soon.”

The business is owned by Japanese technology giant Konica Minolta, and Rogivue said the name change would help avoid potential confusion about what the business offered as well as open up new doors.

“The Indicia name gives us more credibility as an integrated agency. We want to be viewed as intelligence-led marketing production,” he added.

Indicia Worldwide works with a number of blue chip clients including Unilever, Nissan and Heineken.


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