ESP Colour claims worldwide Speedmaster productivity record

Matt Whipp
Thursday, January 12, 2012

Swindon-based ESP Colour achieved record productivity on its Heidelberg XL machines in the run up to Christmas last year.

The worldwide productivity record has been confirmed by Heidelberg and was achieved on a pair of straight and perfecting Speedmaster XL 75-5+Ls.

Stephan Plenz, Heidelberg board member responsible for Equipment commended the achievement of combining multiple makereadies and high run speeds.

"This is a staggering performance in a market which is noted for being very productivity focused. It clearly proves that forward-looking people equipped with the right tools can be profitable also during toughest economic conditions," he said.

The straight press managed 278 makereadies averaging 4min 9seconds, an overall speed of 14,135sph and 1.783m impressions across a 156 hour week.

The perfecting model produced 202 makereadies averaging 4min 33seconds and an average press speed of 14,217sph, totalling 1.902m impressions across a 160 hour week.

The performance meant the presses put through £103,614 and £111,912 worth of work respectively. Managing director Anthony Thirlby described the machines as "phenomenal".

"If you convert this productivity into annual output, even allowing for two weeks maintenance on each, it means across the two presses we have the capacity to produce £10.745m worth of work," he said.

Thirlby put the record down to "technology, good organisation and processes and having the right mix of skills".

The 58-staff, £11m turnover company bought its first Speedmaster in 2009.


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