Dynagram targets Kodak Preps users with discount offer

Simon Nias
Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dynagram, developer of the DynaStrip and InpO2 imposition software, has capitalised on Kodak's Chapter 11 filing by announcing a 50% discount for users switching from Kodak Preps, which it has claimed is under-supported.

The Canada-based company has become the first rival of Kodak to publically attempt to capitalise on the US manufacturer's Chapter 11 filing, by questioning Kodak's commitment to Preps users.

In a statement, Dynagram said: "Preps software owners, anticipating further uncertainty in light of Kodak’s bankruptcy protection filing and already concerned about decreasing levels of Preps support and development, can now purchase the industry’s leading, comparable solutions for 50% off."

The company went on to state that its Dynagram In-Kind Program would protect Preps users from "slow-downs and shut-downs", while Dynagram chief executive Francois Guerard added: "The headlines and blog posts are frustrating Preps owners who were already feeling neglected.

"Yes, we are gaining customers, but more importantly, we are also figuring out a way to keep print shops operating with confidence."

Guerard said that Preps was "excellent software and a formidable competitor" and that many customers had been faced "for many years" with a choice between the two rivals, with users of the Creo and then Kodak workflow, Prinergy, having an incentive to chose Preps.

Guerard went on to claim that "the software and customers suffered under different owners and especially, the current state of affairs". He added: "Imposition in of itself is a complex concept and this is why we have kept Dynagram focused on imposition only. Our focus on imposition development, support, and working closely with customers has been crucial.

"Preps customers need that kind of thriving product, with a company that is standing behind it, working on making it better while being quickly available for every customer need and possible job that comes in."

Kodak was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.


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