Dufaylite launches first outdoor honeycomb board

Darryl Danielli
Monday, December 2, 2013

Dufaylite has launched its first outdoor product, a polypropylene-based honeycomb board, which it claimed represents an eco-friendly alternative to MDF and PVC boards for outdoor work and long-life indoor POS.

Dufaylite Polyprop
Dufaylite Polyprop

Ultra Board Polyprop, a 100% polypropylene substrate, is thermo-welded to ensure longevity and, according to Dufaylite, is substantially stronger than paper-based honeycomb products, which means that as well as being suitable for outdoor use for up to three years, it will have a lifespan of up to five years indoor for permanent POS displays.

"From the price we’re looking to launch at, including delivery it will be around the same price as 10mm Forex Smart-X and rigid PVC, but with the added benefits of being highly recyclable and lighter,” said Dufaylite group director Ashley Moscrop.

Ultra Board Polyprop was officially launched by Cambridge-based Dufaylite last week and is available in 11.6mm-thick sheets of 2.5x1.25m weighing 8kg. It is made entirely of polypropylene, which is one of the most recyclable plastics available.

“Most people buy honeycomb boards because of the recyclability of the product and the things you can do with it, but they’ve always asked if it was suitable for outdoor use, which unfortunately it wasn’t because it was made of paper and water-based glue, said Moscrop.

“Now we have a honeycomb product that is suitable for outdoor use and, because it is smooth-faced compared to fluted polypropylene, you have a much better surface for digitally printing outdoor signage.”


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