Dubsat eyes cross media ad workflow automation with Adsend 7.5

Simon Nias
Monday, October 17, 2011

Dubsat is targeting greater automation throughout the print, online and mobile ad delivery workflow with the release of Adsend 7.5, which includes integration with Adfast - the UK newspaper society's delivery service.

Dubsat, which acquired Adsend-developer Vio Worldwide last year, has added online and mobile capability in the new release, in addition to boosting integration and efficiency via its Adgate workflow automation tool.

The cross-media asset management specialist said that the new platform would enable greater automation between agencies, publishers and media booking agencies, which in turn would save costs and boost efficiency.

Olivier de Pina, global product manager at Dubsat, said: "What we are focusing on with Adsend 7.5 is not so much delivery point-to-point, but everything touching workflow.

"It's linking agencies directly with publishers by providing booking integration and doing the same thing for online digital delivery; that's really what we're trying to push and we believe that the platform Adsend 7.5 is really providing this capability.

"We are involved on both sides – agency as well as publisher – trying to integrate them and it's coming at the right time because with the economic pressure, publishers really need to squeeze as much as they can."

He added that providing integration throughout the ad workflow using Adsend was "very low cost" because the Adgate module doesn't require lengthy and complex integration projects.

"That's why we are really engaging with both sides and trying to propose this type of automation," said de Pina. "We're starting to integrate with media booking agencies – it's not something that we've pushed over here but we have in Australia and it's something that we are going to push over here too.

"We are already involved with publishers trying to close one part of the loop to cut down copy chasing and with the agencies to cut down rekeying of information; we no longer talk about pure delivery, it's more to do with booking integration and integration to streamline the processes and this is what Adsend 7.5 really provides."

As a result, Dubsat is also offering a new pricing model, on a flat service charge basis rather than the traditional click charge, which de Pina said was aimed at high volume users.

"With the Adgate integration we provide different pricing depending how integrated the agency and this is really because we are moving in the direction where we don't see delivery as the main importance anymore we see workflow – the link/integration – as the service," he explained.

"We need to adapt because this pricing may not suit everybody, that's why the default is to have a click charge on delivery – which is a flat charge no matter the size of the ad – but depending on the agency and depending on their volumes a service charge could apply and that means in effect a free delivery for them."

In terms of cross-media capability, the platform is now able to deliver ads for online and mobile as well as print, although without any preflighting at present – although de Pina said this was planned for a later release.

"Adsend 7.5 marks the very first step towards providing a further solution towards this type of media," he added. "Before Adsend was only doing PDFs for print and now we are providing online, digital and mobile devices for other than print so it's a big release for us.

"This allows publishers to accept any other delivery than just print but there's no specific processes on top of it – we don't have pre-flighting as such, but it's something that we are looking at and in a future version all that added functionality will be provided."


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