Creative Edge brings upgraded 3D design software to Drupa

Sarah Cosgrove
Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Creative Edge Software has upgraded its iC3D packaging design software for Drupa with a range of 3D modelling functions that make it easier to visualise a label or product design.

Creative Edge Software iC3D sketch
Creative Edge Software iC3D sketch

Version 4 of the software has five new features. According to the company, Ray Tracing simulates effects of light on virtual objects, 3D Model Interiors enables liquid filling, at any angle, the Light Map Editor re-creates studio lighting, editable highlights and shadows, Dynamic Backgrounds allows for real-time merging of 2D photo images with 3D designs and Perspective Control matches 3D model perspective to 2D photo backgrounds.

These functions allow a designer to see how a label, including print techniques such as foiling or embossing, would look wrapped around a bottle, how a package may sit, or slump, on a shelf, and how a package would look when slotted into a typical display unit in a retail environment.

The software is targeted at brand owners, the creative agencies that supply them, designers and those producing point-of-sale displays.

The upgrade will add possibilities for printers as well as graphic designers, according to Creative Edge Software chief executive Nick Gilmore, who said that true photorealism has been “the missing piece of the puzzle”.

“3D and packaging go together. Future generations are growing up with 3D technology. This slightly backwards approach that ‘we don’t want to get involved in 3D because it’s a bit gamey’, people are growing up with it now. 3D is not some gimmick that’s sat in the background it’s here and it’s here to stay.”

Being able to produce a 3D model of how a product will look, and how printed labels will look on that product will aid designers, clients and printers, Gilmore said.

He believes anyone who is an Adobe Creative artworker can learn to 3D model using this software in a day,

“The printers think 'it’s not for me' but they should seriously think about that. For label printers – you need a 3D image to visualise it. Any printer or any creative agency that has a design department can give them these images, it’s all 3D and it’s all synthetic.

“We want to break the barriers between a 3D artist, who’s normally paid a lot more money, and others. With a day’s training artworkers can start to produce new products instantly.”

Creative Edge Software was established in 2012 to introduce game software functions to the packaging industry and has since sold more than 250 licences.

Gilmore said: “We thought how slow and how poor software was in the packaging area and how much better it was in the 3D gaming arena.”

Now the US-registered company has seven staff, including four developers in its UK R&D base. Diageo, Lindt, Sun Branding, Molson Coors and Scotts are among the brands using earlier versions of the software. Gilmore expects Creative Edge's 2016 turnover to breach the $500,000 (£343,000) mark.



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