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Rollem plays its cards right


By Simon Eccles, 25 September 2019

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About half of our Best of British subjects and future candidates have surprisingly long histories. They’ve survived by adapting to the huge changes in technologies, social and economic conditions over the years and still manage to present relevant products to the market.

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Prospecting is worth gold to universities
20 September 2019

At this time of year students all over the country can be seen clutching printed marketing material with university logos emblazoned all over it.

"It has been a long but very enjoyable journey”
23 September 2019

Over the summer Precision Colour Printing managing director Alex Evans announced he would be standing down from his role in February next year, after a near 40-year career at the Telford web offset printer...

HMRC always gets its share
19 September 2019

It’s bad enough that failed firms leave a wake of upset and financially hurt creditors. But when the taxman steams in, takes preference over unsecured creditors, saving little for anyone else, it can leave...

Any which way but lose?
17 September 2019

In spite of the latest zany political shenanigans – Boris threatening to break the law (or actually breaking the law), opposition MPs sitting on Speaker John Bercow in an attempt to, physically, prevent...

Packed with power
18 September 2019

London’s historic Stationers’ Hall will once again host the Power of Print seminar, a one-day event that highlights the potency of print’s unique characteristics and is targeted at professionals working...

‘It’s about how you change and adapt’
10 June 2019

Almost 10 years ago to the day, Bluetree managing director Adam Carnell and fellow director and founder James Kinsella set up their online print shop in a borrowed office with a bank of inkjets from PC...

Print’s global get-together gets set to embrace the future
10 June 2019

It seems like only yesterday, when we were all (well, some of us at least) warbling along to “Drupa is in town again... touch the future” the official song for Drupa 2016, which rang out across the Messe...

Why the big fish you’ve just landed may bite back
10 June 2019

Think big, they say. After all, why would anyone turn up their nose at a huge slice of business? Consider the revenue, the prestige! Maybe even take a moment to bask in the envy of your competitors.

Best of British: A historic type firm that’s still at the cutting edge
10 June 2019

Next year sees the 300th anniversary of the company that is today called Caslon Ltd. In 1720, a London based engraver called William Caslon cut the punches for his first typeface, and went on to set up...

To hit the ROI bullseye you need proper targeting
28 May 2019

According to the latest annual Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure Report published in April 2019, UK advertising spending on direct mail in 2018 topped £1.5bn.

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