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By Nick Mansley, 09 April 2018

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It’s unfortunate that just as firms prosper, they can also fail. While creditors lose out, so do employees who become redundant.

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Wide-format show that seeks to bring creativity to life
09 April 2018

Sign & Digital UK just gets bigger and better, says show director Rudi Blackett. This month’s exhibition will take up over 11,000m² at the NEC in Birmingham.

‘Exploding’ sales flagged up need for more space
09 April 2018

Iain Clasper-Cotte took the urgent call at 5.30pm. And less than 24 hours later his relieved client took delivery of the job: high-definition tension fabrics for 30 shops. This was just one of eight urgent...

Strong arm tactics tackle heavy loads
09 April 2018

There are robots and robots. One type inhabits the popular culture of books, movies and TV, where more-or-less humanoid machines may be heroes, villains, evil or good, oppressors or slaves. Then there...

Help your staff plan for a comfortable retirement
26 March 2018

Statistics from the Office for National Statistics published last September (2017) show that we’re living longer.

Better control of downtime ups productivity
26 March 2018

When Adam Walker joined Precision Colour Printing (PCP) as head of operations three years ago, the company was busy and successful, but aware that its maintenance practices were not serving it as well...

Deliver the goods: getting it out there
26 March 2018

Business moves quickly. Demanding customers, short deadlines, and the connected world have not only increased the pressure on printers to deliver Grade A product at the lowest price, but instantly too....

Materials to conjure with: wide-ranging wide-format
26 March 2018

For any brand or business shopping around for wide-format print, the industry offers a Willy Wonka-style profusion of delights to play with and pick from.

Take time to ensure your business is in the best of health
05 March 2018

In the heady times immediately following the setting up of a new business, beyond the signing of contracts, few really take the time to step back and assess the new entity for structural weaknesses that...

‘I have never been so excited about the future’
05 March 2018

If bad luck always comes in threes, perhaps the same is true of business turnarounds. Taylor Bloxham group chief executive Robert Lockwood certainly hopes so.

Can you win sales from your kit’s star quality?
05 March 2018

So you have spent months researching a new kit purchase. You’ve read all there is to read, you have tested it, you have asked other users for their views, you have thought of every possible use and analysed...

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