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‘I’m really excited about where the market is going’


By Darryl Danielli, 13 August 2018

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Danny Clarke, managing director of Howard Hunt Group’s eponymous manufacturing business and Graft print management, is a passionate man.

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Sparkling moments in print’s history
13 August 2018

The UK printing industry’s favourite magazine launched in 1958 as The Litho Printer and, via a number of different guises, has for the past six decades covered every technological development; every merger;...

The industry needs a better focus on gender imbalance
13 August 2018

Writing the words ‘women in print’ feels clunky, uncomfortable and outdated. Surely in 2018, it shouldn’t even be a term or subcategory discussed in the media? However, as much as we dislike it, it is....

Agile printers can make the world their oyster
13 August 2018

This is the fourth industrial revolution, says Andy Cork from his hyper-connected printing operation. As such its engine room is powered neither by manufacturing nor automation, but silent software – connecting,...

‘It’s a funny trade, it’s inherently relationship based’
23 July 2018

Rapidity managing director Paul Manning might be fresher faced than your average print boss, but don’t let his appearance fool you – he’s learned many a hard lesson.

Learn to capitalise on your customers’ deepest desires
23 July 2018

Let’s talk psychology. No, not the meaning of that awful recurring nightmare; the one where you’re running naked past the presses in a panic that you’ve forgotten to action your company’s biggest ever...

Strengthen your bonds with staff and customers
23 July 2018

Businesses exist to make money. But in order for a company to turn a profit, its employees must be clear as to what is being asked of them, and motivated to work in the right way to achieve those objectives....

Think green in every aspect of your business
23 July 2018

Everything she said to Prince Charles struck a chord. The future monarch is an avid environmentalist and so is Simone Hindmarch, which is what brought them together this June in Buckingham Palace.

‘Understanding people is the biggest thing of all’
09 July 2018

It’s fair to say that Peterborough-based Printondemand-worldwide does exactly what it says on the tin – on-demand printing, specifically of book products.

Plan for the worst to salvage the best
09 July 2018

Ordinarily we take a functioning society for granted and so carry on life and business assuming that we’re invulnerable to attack. The reality, sadly, is that we’re often just a hair’s breadth away from...

A bit of personality will set you apart from the crowd
09 July 2018

While some old-school printers may be still relying on the size of their machinery to wow customers and win new business, more and more printers are moving from shouting about their technical prowess to...

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