The future of digital is making the work flow

John Davies, business strategy manager, workflow, Fujifilm Europe, looks at how printers can future-proof their workflow solutions today to stand them in good stead for the technologies of tomorrow and beyond.

Today’s print businesses are embracing digital technologies at an unprecedented speed. The ‘on-demand’ advantages of digital print are ideal for cash-strapped marketers, with variable data benefits being the icing on the cake, but there are now a whole host of presses available that will satisfy performance requirements. So, for printers actively engaging with digital print and looking for the next competitive edge, where do they look?

Making the work flow

Not surprisingly, the opportunities lie downstream in terms of making the work flow efficiently through digital presses. The speed of turnaround that digital output demands is challenging most modern-day workflows to respond with higher levels of efficiency and automation. Also, the continued emergence of Variable Data Publishing (VDP) means that the opportunities for one-to-one marketing and personalised print services need to be handled efficiently and effectively.

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