Is it time to move on?

What are the most important points to consider when looking to invest in digital flatbed technology.

As a provider of print in a highly competitive visual communications industry, emerging from a deep global recession but needing to grow your business, now is the time to sit back and take stock. Take a long hard look at your business and above all ask yourself, what is it that your customers are looking for today?

Without exception we can safely assume that customers want lower costs and a quicker turnaround, and will shop around to find the right deal for them. They also want great image and print quality, and the ability to print corporate colours consistently on a range of substrates. They and their customers are feeling the pinch from the societal trend of wanting things quicker, better and cheaper, now!

The wide-format market has changed considerably and is continuing to evolve. The digital revolution is in full swing. UV inkjet machines are approaching their 10th anniversary, with everything becoming faster, cheaper and better quality. But what has driven this trend?

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