Bringing clarity to the cloudy issue of plate terminology

We examine the facts behind plate naming conventions and ask if some suppliers need to be a little more lean with their claims of green?

Today, more than ever, printers are striving to work out how to create a prime position for their businesses, closely examining how they can win more business and reduce day-to-day running costs. With this on their minds, the added pressure of being ‘environmentally friendly’ is perhaps not as high up the agenda as it was. However, tackling environmental issues often goes hand-in-hand with reducing costs, so the subject should remain a priority for most.

Printers are in the unenviable position of trying to tackle these business issues with confusing and ambiguous guidance. In the world of pre-press, suppliers are helping printers minimise their environmental impact by reducing and sometimes eliminating the need for raw materials like water, energy and chemistry, but here, in particular, the situation is not clear. If printers are to make informed and intelligent business decisions, it is vital that they only have factual information to consider.

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