Rising star: Jayleigh Price, number one printer, Precision Colour Printing

Jo Francis
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Jayleigh beat off stiff competition to carry off the Trainee of the Year Award at last month’s PrintWeek Awards. She’s 21 and has been working in the printing industry since spring 2016 when she took up an apprenticeship at PCP in Telford.

How did you find your way into the print industry?

Precision Colour Printing is only down the road from me so when I saw the job advertised I didn’t think it would hurt to see what it was like. When I had my induction I was shocked to actually see how much goes into a printed product and I wanted to learn more. 

Did you know anything about print beforehand?

In all honesty, no I didn’t, all I knew about was a printer that you use for your computer

What does your role entail?

As a number one printer I print the jobs to the best of my ability, look for any quality issues and sort any problems with the press. It also entails that I keep my workstation tidy so I can keep other employees around me safe. Also to keeping up with weekly maintenance tasks such as greasing and making sure rollers are set correctly!

What’s the most enjoyable or interesting thing about it?

I enjoy that not every day’s the same, there’s always something new to learn

What would your dream job be (print related)? 

Probably to do something manager-related. Although I would still like to have a job which is quite practical

What would your dream job be (not print related)?

When I left school I wanted to be a footballer. I stopped playing for a bit but I’ve recently taken it up again

What’s top of your playlist at the moment?

Ride it by Regard

What box set would you recommend?

Gossip Girl, it’s my absolute favourite series to binge watch

What has surprised you the most about working in the industry?

How much I look at other printed items and look for quality issues. I’m awful for it. I can’t help but look to see if the registration is out or something along those lines

What could the printing industry be doing more of to entice millennials into print? 

I believe that companies should be promoting themselves more on social media. So many people don’t realise how much goes into making a printed item. If they could see how it was actually made, it could spark a lot of interest. Also possibly get schools to have a look around print firms 

If you ruled the world...?

Stop pollution happening as it’s harming the planet. I would also try and save more endangered animals

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