Q&A: Heather Davies, finance director, Fuller Davies

Jo Francis
Thursday, April 29, 2021

Heather retired in mid-April, having worked at Ipswich-based Fuller Davies since the firm’s inception some “35-plus years ago”. Her retirement plans include “spending special time with my three grandchildren”, quite possibly while listening to some classic ’70s pop.

Davies: "Dream bigger"
Davies: "Dream bigger"

Why did you get into printing?

Sequence of events. Got married, husband’s boss dies, made redundant all in the same week

What would be your dream job?

Backing singer for Shirley Bassey

What is your dream bit of kit?

Pallet wrapper – not hard to get

What would you most like to print?

Money ;)

What is your favourite film?

Mary Poppins, ET and Brief Encounter

Have you taken up any new hobbies during the various lockdowns?

I have taken to ‘paint by numbers’ and am loving the rest that it gives my mind

Who or what do you hate the most?

Liars, thieves and cheats. We all work so hard to get what we have. Also having an issue with spelling and grammar

Who do you admire most in the industry?

My business partners past and present. Kevin Davies for his incredible vision, hard work and enthusiasm. Neil Stones and the late James Robinson for breathing new life into Fuller Davies 13 years ago, and with the same ethics we had

What is your favourite album?

Jackie Magazine the Album

What is your greatest luxury in life?

Chanel No. 5

What is the strangest job you’ve ever done?

Selling scratch cards in a kiosk at Butlin’s holiday camp

What is your greatest ambition?

To live long and stay healthy

What’s your greatest fear?

Heights – would love to go in a helicopter but…

What piece of kit would you like to see invented?

A PC-operated, desktop laser-printer that prints envelopes, quickly

Where would you like to be right now?


What’s your worst fashion disaster?

A shell suit – purple and pink

Where would you go if you could time-travel?

Back to 1979 when I was 18 and to spend more time with family who have since passed away

What was your childhood obsession?

David Cassidy

What is the worst kind of print?

Jobs that do not dry

What was the best business deal that you’ve pulled off?

Buying the factory

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Dream bigger

How would you like to be remembered?

Kind, honest and funny

Life is…?

Fleeting and not to be taken for granted


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