Q&A: Hayley Andrew Bookbinder, Barnard & Westwood

Jo Francis
Monday, April 18, 2016

After being told by numerous university tutors that there are ‘no jobs in a dead trade like bookbinding’, Hayley set out to make them eat their words.

She has been working at London fine printers Barnard & Westwood for two years and has just graduated from her bookbinding apprenticeship at the ripe old age of 27. A self-confessed Luddite, as well as bookbinding Hayley loves noisy rock gigs, eating terrible food and “binge watching movies when I should be sleeping”. 

What is your nickname?  

Anyone who really knows me calls me ‘Hales’

Why did you get into printing? 

Coming from a background in darkroom photographic printing, I have always loved the physicality of print – the smell of the ink, the feel of the paper and those great moments when you burn your hand on a foil blocking machine

What would be your dream job? 

International spy/professional cat sitter

Who would play you in a movie about your life?  

Emma Stone as my partner thinks I look like her (I definitely don’t see it!)

What is your dream bit of kit?

I’ve worked on a Zünd G3 before and I fell head over heels for it

What is your favourite film?

True Romance – I lived in leopard print after watching Alabama Worley do her thing

Who or what do you hate the most?

Passive-aggressive people, hugs from strangers and cabbage

Who do you admire most in the industry? 

Gerhard Steidl completely revolutionised book publishing and his approach of ‘hands on or not at all’ is right up my street

What is your favourite saying? 

Anything ‘northern’ to endlessly confuse my southern colleagues

What book are you reading at the moment?

I’ve just finished The Martian and being a total space geek, I loved it

Who would you like to be stuck on a desert island with? 

Tom Hardy. No explanation needed

Who or what makes you laugh?  

Sarcasm and dry wit – basically, Basil Fawlty 

What piece of kit would you like to see invented?

A highly responsive, instant foiling pen

Which celebrity would you like to get out of here? Why? 

Donald Trump. On the hair alone

Where would you like to be now?  

Poolside in Las Vegas, getting tattooed

Which superpower would you like to have? 

Invisibility so I can finally find out who keeps moving my tools…

Who would be your favourite party guests?

Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and Jack Black

Where would you go if you could time-travel?  

New York during Prohibition – those guys really knew how to party

What is the worst kind of print?  

Lazy print in all senses of the word

How would you like to be remembered?  

She started from the bottom but never stopped aiming for the top

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