Post Script: Bog-standard toilet paper scrubs up well

The doom-mongers may whinge about the industry going down the pan, but now you can find out how to create paper art on the toilet thanks to a handy guide to origami illustrated using the humble loo roll.

Allow us to present the phenomenon of ‘Toilegami’, a modern take on the ancient art of origami, brought to our attention by tissue industry trade magazine Perini Journal.

Post Script’s experience with this artform never really progressed past the humble paper dart, but we were suitably wowed by this latest guide to, ahem, "passing" time – get too engrossed and it could feel like the hours have, literally, gone down the drain.

So next time you get home from a day of adding value to your customers’ print, why not spend a little time adding a pre-flush flourish to your WC. Never before has time spent in the smallest room resulted in something so ‘Charmin’.

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