60 seconds with Pressision

Jo Francis
Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Pressision began life almost 20 years ago. The firm’s vision and mission was born out of the frustration of a group of graphic designers who “didn’t have a print production house that would experiment, try new things and be willing to say yes and then figure a way to make it happen”.

Pressision team on a recent company trip to the James Cropper Mill
Pressision team on a recent company trip to the James Cropper Mill

Where are you based?

Pressision is based in Leeds, Yorkshire. We moved into our new home back in 2017, a 1,300sqm warehouse plus studio

How many staff do you have?


What does your firm do?

We categorise our work as custom creative print, it’s mainly but not exclusively fine materials teamed with creative processes to create a massive range of products. Our main products are packaging, publications and coffee table books

What’s your typical customer?

Anyone with a passion for a crafted piece of printing, or someone wanting to make an impact with print as a marketing channel

Which geographic areas do you serve?

Local, national and international. About 20% of our turnover is international projects

Who are your clients?

Design and marketing agencies and global brands

What’s your USP?

Custom, creative print

What’s your company’s motto?

Keeping print alive in a new digital world

What equipment do you run?

We have HP Indigo digital presses, Komori litho presses, CP Bourg binding lines, Heidelberg folders and binding lines, and a mass of various finishing devices for all the unusual specifications we produce

What’s been your proudest achievement in the past few years?

Delivering on a huge sustainability drive in 2022 and transforming the impact Pressision has on the environment

Where do you see your business in five years’ time?

A print production house that can be the bridge between the analogue printed product and the new digital landscape. Keeping print alive in a new digital world. We therefore hope in the next five years we have the ability to clearly communicate to our clients how we can produce print that does in fact bridge this gap. We have several very interesting products and services currently in development that integrate the analogue and digital worlds

What’s your team’s favourite biscuit?

We are lucky enough that Lynne is our finishing department loves baking, and regularly brings in cakes, so we don’t often have biscuits. Our favourite of Lynne’s cakes are coffee and walnut, Guinness and chocolate and carrot cake. Maybe we need to kindly ask her for biscuits

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