Xaar forms partnership with China Glaze Company

Xaar has signed up its first Asian ink partner in the form of Taiwanese supplier China Glaze Company and is optimising its digital ceramic inks for use with Xaar printheads.

The £125m turnover, 800 staff China Glaze Company produces ceramic colours, glazes and frits (used in the creation of enamels and glazes) for the ceramic industry.

China Glaze Company is the 20th company to take part in Xaar’s Ink Partner Programme and the first in Asia.

Mark Alexander, Xaar’s director of marketing said the company had looked at a number of Asian ink suppliers and spent months assessing China Glaze Company to make sure they were a suitable partner.

"Companies have to sell thousands of litres of ink to Xaar customers every year to make a partnership worthwhile," said Alexander.  

"We chose China Glaze because it’s a major supplier to the ceramics industry and has an established presence in the Asian market, which is one that we are trying to channel further in to."

Xaar recently reported that the ceramic printing sector had been a key factor in the company’s record revenue performance for the third quarter of this year. This will be the main focus of the partnership.

Bob Bobertz, general manager of Xaar Asia Pacific said the partnership was necessary because of the increasing popularity in Asia of the Xaar 1001 printhead, which is used in ceramic tile production.

"The Xaar 1001 has become the printhead of choice in Asia. It’s essential that we give tile manufacturers in that market the ability to work with a local ink supplier if they prefer," he said.

Xaar customers are only eligible for warranty if they use ink from one of Xaar’s ink partners. China Glaze Company’s marketing manager Lee Chien-Fa said the partnership would also improve customer service for Xaar customers in Asia.

"Customers who use Xaar-enabled printers will benefit from the support of a local and experienced ink supplier who can react quickly to their needs," he said.

Alexander said Xaar was in talks with ink suppliers in Asia and around the world about creating further ink partnerships.


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