Speedmaster SX sales exceed expectations by a quarter

Pamela Mardle
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heidelberg has exceeded its own expectations by selling over 1,000 Speedmaster SX units since the range's launch.

Worldwide sales have exceeded the 750 unit forecast by 25% since the range's Drupa launch, according to Heidelberg head of B1 product development Felix Müller.

Müller said he was most proud of the SX102 product and was surprised at the scale of the range’s success.

Europe has proved the most lucrative market for the range, with 620 units sold in the region, while Asia Pacific is the second biggest market, with 255 units to date.

The most popular press in the series proved to be the SX 52 in all regions, except North America, where the SX75 has sold most often.

More than 200 SX102 units have been sold since it began shipping in September. Around a quarter of sales in Asia Pacific, South America and North America were for the SX102.

Müller said that 70% of SX102's sold were eight colour long perfecting presses. He added: "During the crash in 2008/09, sales of perfectors came down, especially in the commercial market.

"But now we see a clear sign of recovery in the commercial market. There are less print shops, but they are now buying."

More than 500 of the SX74 and SX52 machines sold were Anicolor format, prompting Müller to describe A3 as a "vivid" market.

He said that the past decline in the A3 market had been trumped recently with a rise in year-on-year sales. Asked whether he thought the SX range would threaten the previous ranges such as the CD, SM and XL, Müller instead said that the positioning of its predecessors had helped to market the SX range.

He said: "There are some influences from the other machines but the SX will not kill them.

"In Europe, packaging printers tend to go for the XL106. The SM is most popular amongst cost-oriented customers in emerging markets and who have a tendency to go for four-colour printing.

"The SX is not only for industrial markets but emerging markets too."

The SX is targeted primarily at commercial print shops. Heidelberg claims the range has found its niche in industrialised countries where intense competition is resulting in consolidation and investments in machines capable of delivery high productivity.

It also fares well in emerging markets where new and existing printers are bringing in higher volume, better quality work.

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