Rebrand for BPIF Consultancy

Hannah Jordan
Friday, September 15, 2017

BPIF Specialist Services is the new face of the federation’s consultancy division.

The department, which provides a wide range of industry-tailored services such as process improvement, health, safety and environment, human resources, certification, technical and business development, took on its new name from 1 September.

“The consultancy didn’t really reflect what we were doing and all of the specialist services we now offer so we had a complete review earlier this year and decided to change our name,” said Chris Selby, who who became director of the department in April, moving over from the BPIF's two northern divisions.

“Over the years we have been asked for support from members on so many issues outside of what we directly offer through membership that we have developed expertise in a lot of extra services,” he added.

One of the major issues that industry businesses currently need help on, and the subject of one of the first phone calls Selby had when he took on his new role, is GDPR.

“We’ve had people panicking and asking ‘What the hell is GDPR? Where can we find out about it?’ and that has really gathered momentum. Well, they can come to us because we’ve put the support in place,” he explained.  

Other hotly requested services include cyber and IT security training, sales development training, ISO 9001/14001 transitions, cost rate reviews, marketing support and occupational health.

“We have looked at issues that businesses in the industry, members and non-members, need support on and can’t find easily and we have vetted the experts and organisations - everything comes through us,” Selby explained.

“So instead of a busy business owner going online to search for whatever service it is they need, we can save them the time and the risk and they know they will be dealing with someone who knows the industry, which is the important thing. There are a lot of generalists out there but we only work with people who know the industry,” he added.

Specialist Services Manager Meeka Walwyn-Lewis added: “The BPIF strives to keep its members at the heart of everything it does.

"BPIF Specialist Services plays a unique part in this, and I’m pleased to say that our new branding reflects this. I’d encourage all those within the print industry to try out the services we’re offering.”


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