Printers in North India protest against paper manufacturers and dealers for hike in paper cost

PrintWeek India - Printers from North India went on a one-day strike to protest against the increase in paper prices by the paper manufacturers and dealers on Saturday 10 April 2010.

Printers from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Chandigarh belonging to the North Indian Printers Association (NIPA) closed their establishments in protest.

The printers have demanded that the paper stock delivered by the dealers be properly labelled, and that it should contain essential details about the stock.

"Our message is very simple and clear, and it is to break the siege - of artificial scarcity and price rise - that the paper manufacturers and dealers are trying to impose on printers.

"We want to convince the government and our suppliers about the seriousness of the situation," said Kamal Chopra, general secretary of NIPA.

The printers in this region do not have sufficient purchasing power. Print companies in Ludhiana and Baddi have been facing a shortfall. Chopra stated: "More than 90% of the printers are in packaging sector and they have to book their supplies three to six months in advance."

The increase in paper and paperboard prices without any notice is unsustainable," said Chopra.

The protest, Chopra said, has opened up doors for a negotiation "on equal footing" with the paper dealers. "

As a first step, the dealers have agreed to label the stock with details of paper being supplied, and we hope to stabilise the paper prices as well.



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