Fujifilm expands Acuity Advance Select flatbed range

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fujifilm has expanded its Acuity Advance Select flatbed UV printer range with the addition of four- and six-colour models based on their counterparts in the Oc Arizona range.

Fujifilm launched the Acuity Advace Select range last month when it unveiled the eight-colour 1.2x2.5m HD4008 and the 3.05x2.5m X2 HD4228, based on Océ’s Arizona 480 GT and XT.

Now, following last week’s launch of the four-colour Arizona 440 and six-colour Arizona 460, Fuji has unveiled its own badged versions of the devices, the Acuity Advance Select HD4004 and HD 4006.

As with the eight-colour model, both new printers are available with a standard 1.2x2.5m bed or with the larger 3.05x2.5m bed. The double-sized models have been named the HD4224 and HD4226.

While the HD4004 and 4224 are equipped with standard CMYK inks, the HD4006 and 4226 also include white and clear inks. As with the eight-colour model, the fifth and six channels can be configured with a varnish and white ink or double white.

Printers can upgrade from one model to the next by adding extra ink channels to either the four or six colour printers; however the flatbed size is not upgradable, so a 1.2x2.5m HD4004 can be upgraded to a HD4006 or HD4008, but not to the 3.05x2.5m HD4226 or HD4228.

Mark Stephenson, sales manager at Fujifilm, said the four-colour machine would be suitable for printers looking for an entry-level wide format flat bed printer.

"You can now enter the market at a lower price then work your way up by retrofitting six and eight channels later," he said.

As with the original eight-colour machine, which has two channels each for Cyan and Magenta, the new printers feature a roll-to-roll system, which can be fitted at the back of the machine.

"That increases the up time because it means you can carry on printing while you’re setting up the bed for another job," said Stephenson.

He added that the roll kit made the machine suitable for printers who were already familiar with roll-fed machines and want to upgrade to something with more functionality.

"It would be good for someone who already has a hybrid machine and wants to upgrade to a machine with a vacuum bed, for example," he said.

The machines have various vacuum zones set at standard substrate sizes. Stephenson said this reduced the need for manual masking and further increased the up time of the machine.

He added that the Acuity Advance Select HD4004, HD4224, HD4006 and HD4226 would arrive in the UK before the end of the year. Prices have yet to be announced.

The Acuity Advance Select HD4008 and HD4228 cost €165,000 and €199,900, respectively.


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