When life's a blur, stay focused

Jo Francis
Monday, November 5, 2018

Inspirational words from ProCo's Jon Bailey make a powerful point about how important it is to find the time to take stock.

Bonfire Night, already? I’m not entirely sure how that happened.

In these increasingly busy, always-on times it can be more difficult than ever to slow down, stop and smell the flowers. Or, for today at least, the fireworks.

That’s why this comment from Jon Bailey, CEO at our newly-crowned Company of the Year ProCo, really struck a chord.

After celebrating the firm’s win, Jon said: “I really believe that if you’re really passionate about your business and what you do and why you’re doing it then you should enter, because if you win it’s fantastic, but even if you don’t it really channels your mind and reminds you of all the good things you’re doing. When we’re all moving so quick, just putting the entry together, it reminds you of all the great things you’re doing – it keeps you focused.”

This is such a spot-on sentiment, and hopefully an inspirational one, as well. It is SO important to set aside some time to focus on the good stuff.

I’d like to sincerely thank all the companies that entered the Awards: you delighted us and our judges with your skill and ingenuity, and we are full of admiration for your business nous.

Come the judging days, the resulting showcase of the many and varied ways that print can make an impact is really something to behold.

And, due to the warp speed at which time seems to pass these days, we’re already four months into what will be the catchment period for next year’s PrintWeek Awards.

Be like Jon Bailey! Find the time to appreciate and duly note the good stuff as you go along. Who knows, like ProCo and our other category champions this year, you could end up with a big win.


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