Praise for print's people

Jo Francis
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Jo Francis makes some additions to her list of joy replenishers at the PrintWeek Awards.

It’s the morning after the night before.

This year’s PrintWeek Awards winners have carried off their coveted trophies. And hopefully all of them (people and trophies) made it back to base in one piece.

Congratulations all, it really is a privilege to be able to highlight the fantastic work of printing companies of all shapes and sizes, and that of some future stars in the shape of some truly impressive trainees. 

What I particularly love about this event is the energy in the room, and of course, the people.

Because there’s something very special about the people in this great industry of ours.

Last night I bumped into someone who I first met on a typesetting training course way back in the last century. We see each other by chance every few years and it is always a complete delight to catch up.

I also met up with some new contacts that I have only known since earlier this year, and chatted to others for the very first time last night. Hopefully they will be contacts for many years to come.

And I caught up with a whole host of people who appear on my list of ‘joy replenishers’, the sort of people who create positive energy whenever I see them. You know who you are.

Thank-you in particular to Team Rapidity for being an exemplar in this regard, the Manning brothers win an extra prize for noisiest and most enthusiastic celebration of the evening.

Even in our technology driven age, this is fundamentally a people business. People ultimately make it all happen, and boy oh boy do we have some truly fabulous people in print.



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