Dodo Pad should make ideas take flight

Jo Francis
Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jo Francis urges printers to be alive to re-shoring opportunities

So. I can absolutely understand that the plea for help from Dodo Pad boss Rebecca Jay caused a red mist to descend in some parts of the PrintWeek readership sphere.

But think about it, is Jay the chief villain when it comes to preferring overseas prices to those available on home turf? No, there are far bigger targets to take aim at in that regard. And, as she explained, she struggled to find anyone able to produce the required spec and unit price for her bespoke product.

Meanwhile, look at the rather vaster quantities of printed matter being produced abroad by major UK publishers and retailers, to name but two client groups.

And there, dear reader, we must pause for thought.

There is indeed a much, much bigger picture here. And potentially a big opportunity for printers here on the small island. As Rebecca Jay pointed out, she is not the only brand owner looking to re-shore in the current economic circumstances. The weak pound makes the home-grown offer more attractive, price-wise, and having product stuck on a cargo ship for weeks isn't an ideal solution in today's insta-trend culture.

I was thinking about that particular aspect the other week, when reading about the huge cargo vessels that were marooned due to the financial crisis at South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping, which had filed for bankruptcy. Just think of all the goods that were unexpectedly delayed because of that. I’m sure it will have put a serious crimp in the plans of any brand owners whose wares were affected.

UK suppliers could well be pushing on an open door when it comes to bigging up the benefits of a home-grown solution.

Given the various factors at play here, why not jump on the potential opportunity? Be alive to it, unlike the poor old dodo.



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