GFSmith celebrates Colorplan and launches new papers

Ranges showcased at GFSmith's Beauty in the Making event in April have been made available to printers and designers.

The paper manufacturer teamed up with design agency MadeThought to create promotional pieces Notebook and Play 1, 2, 3. The two projects showcase all 50 colours within the Colorplan range using unusual finishes.

Notebook features every Colorplan shade "naked-bound" with multicoloured stitching hinting at the palette of the range to promote the simplicity of the coloured stock papers.

Play 1, 2, 3 is a series of books blending colour using different finishing techniques throughout the three-part format.

Play 1 features diecut holes to expose contrasting colours of successive colours, while Play 2 reveals slivers and shards of colour beneath each page using haphazardly cut angles. Both pieces are presented in Play 3, which uses the "magic wallet" folding technique to house the project.

GFSmith also launched Naturalis Works #2, a reformation of the uncoated paper range, and Japanese range Takeo, at the Beauty in the Making event.

The Takeo range is based on the art of Japanese papermaking and features Sukashi watermarked patterns, embossing textures, and wool and fibre finishes in a range of shades including traditional Japanese colours.

Artistic papers Pachica, Tassel GA, Tamashiki Arare, Tela, Yomoshi and Tant Select TS-1 are included in the specially selected Takeo range from GFSmith.



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