Konica Minolta gears up for KM-1 launch
05 October 2015

Konica Minolta has announced the anticipated beta installation of the KM-1 B2-plus UV inkjet four-colour...

US news

Vistaprint Cimpress trials Amazon service in US
05 October 2015

Vistaprint Cimpress is testing out a DIY business cards service on in the US, but has not...

Germany (Druck & Medien)

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India news (PrintWeek India)

Denzil Smith to host the PWI Awards Night
03 October 2015

The big night is just five days away and PrintWeek India team is delighted to announce that this year’s...

India’s Oscar entry Court and its connection to a Mumbai printer
03 October 2015

As Chaitanya Tamhane’s much acclaimed Marathi film Court is selected to be India’s entry for the 2016...

Labelexpo 2017 is almost booked
03 October 2015

“More than 83% exhibitors of Labelexop Europe 2015, have re-booked their space and confirmed participation...

Mona Equipments focusses on half-inch core shaft
03 October 2015

Noida-based Mona Equipments, the ancillary equipment manufacturing company has a strong base of more...

Tesa launches two new tapes
03 October 2015

Tesa, a renowned name in industrial tape manufacturing, has launched two new tapes for the label printing...

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