Konica Minolta gears up for KM-1 launch
05 October 2015

Konica Minolta has announced the anticipated beta installation of the KM-1 B2-plus UV inkjet four-colour...

US news

Vistaprint Cimpress trials Amazon service in US
05 October 2015

Vistaprint Cimpress is testing out a DIY business cards service on in the US, but has not...

Germany (Druck & Medien)

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India news (PrintWeek India)

IndiaCorr Expo begins in Noida
07 October 2015

India Corr Expo-Sino Corrugated 2015, the show dedicated to the corrugated industry, organised by Reed...

Kevin Flynn is the Chief Guest for PrintWeek Awards
06 October 2015

Today is the big night; and the PrintWeek India team is delighted that Kevin Flynn, president and managing...

Success with screen printing
06 October 2015

Bengaluru-based N V Jaganatha Rao, managing director at Sai Techno Graphics shares his success story...

Digital's viability in focus at Seekho aur Samjho
06 October 2015

"Digital is better, faster and reliable than it was 10 years ago. People should not be apprehensive of...

Chennai’s Multivista adds Heidelberg Suprasetter 106
06 October 2015

Book printing major Multivista Global recently added a Heidelberg Suprasetter 106 CTP to their sprawling...

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