US news

Vistaprint Cimpress trials Amazon service in US
05 October 2015

Vistaprint Cimpress is testing out a DIY business cards service on in the US, but has not...

Germany (Druck & Medien)

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India news (PrintWeek India)

3D printing to play the tune at Mumbai concert
25 November 2015

On 3-4 December, the Nehru Centre in Mumbai will witness a unique music gig as part of Inside 3D Printing...

Manugraph upgrades Heidelberg Harris at SAP
24 November 2015

Manugraph’s cutting-edge technology was demonstrated once again, with a highly successful upgrade of...

Drupa 2016 hots up, kick off first roadshow in Mumbai
24 November 2015

Messe Dusseldorf kicked off the first roadshow of the India leg of the global Drupa tour in Mumbai on...

By 2020, the bioplastics market is predicted to reach 30.8 billion dollars
23 November 2015

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global market for bio-plastics is estimated to reach...

Best die-cutting practice seminar by Bobst
23 November 2015

With an aim to educate its customer, Bobst conducted a day-long seminar on best practices on die-cutting...

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